Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Friday!

Hello healthy bloggers!  I'm feeling good today, I just need to bust through my work today and then I'm off until Wednesday!!
Roxie did well with her shots and she's ready to go on her vacation to Doggy Haven.  This place looks so cool, I paid the $5 extra dollars per day to upgrade her to a suite.   I know she's going to have a blast.
So, a little summary of our trip, we are going to Portland, OR for one day (tomorrow) and then we are heading to Cannon Beach, OR on the coast for 2 nights.
In Portland we are staying at the Paramount Hotel.  I booked an Executive room with an oversized jetted tub.  I also booked us a one hour couples massage!

In Cannon Beach we are staying at the Ocean Lodge, 5 star hotel, ocean front view, jacuzzi and the works.

The real bummer is the weather this weekend...rain, rain and more rain.  Oh well, we will make the best of it.

Breakfast was Strawberry Chobani yogurt with Kashi Go Lean.  I wanted to love this flavor, I really did but with 19 grams of sugar I almost fell out of my chair.  It was too sweet, I rarely say things are too sweet but this was.   I tossed about half out. =(

Jeez, work is stressful today.  For snack I couldn't wait for some more Justin's Maple Almond Butter.  This is what a serving looks like, pretty big right?  Half my apple was brown, so I cut out the good parts.

Lots of snacks today since I'm out of lunch food in the house.  I needed something yummy to power through a massive amount of work.

I ran around like a crazy lady after work.  I had to drop my car off at the shop, go to Target, Safeway and finally Fred Meyer.

Dinner was a semi-repeat of last night.  It wasn't as good as last night.

♥♥happy anniversary to the love of my life♥♥

xoxo ♥♥Irene

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Portion Control

Today is my Thursday and I'm pretty stoked about it! I got to work bright and early to get some things done before I leave town.

I'm not feeling my best today, I REALLY need to get into the gym, and hard.

Breakfast guessed it, Greek yogurt. Today I tried blueberry, definitely higher in calories (140 for the non-fat yogurt) then I would like. This wasn't my favorite, it tasted a tad artificial but still edible.

Man, waking up early is really catching up to me.  ZzzzZZ
So, for the first time ever we are boarding Roxie on Friday.  Derek is taking her to the vet to make sure we are all up to date on her shots.  I'm feeling like a nervous mother right now.

Until today I was an almond butter virign, and boy I didn't know what I was missing out on. 
Justin's Maple Almond Butter was nothing short of amazing!  I love the little pack because it's perfect portion control.  It was so good that I liked the pack clean.

When I went to take a picture of my lunch I realized I was eating for 2, maybe 3.  I need to watch my portions.  So I ate my carrots first then I ate until was satisfied.  So, I ended up throwing some away, there was no way I needed that much pasta.

Workout: My friend and I tried 24 Lift for the 2nd, and the last time.  I don't feel like it's a good workout at all.  When we were done I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Dinner was chicken fajitas with Kashi rice ~ yum!  I really didn't need two, I need to remember portion control.  Have you tried Miguel's Organic Salsa? TO DIE FOR!  Full review soon.

I'm SO tired ~ jeez if I had a penny for every time I said that.  Too much hot tubbing this week. 

Dessert was a Vitatop with a little ice cream.

Okay, I'm running to my bed!  ♥♥Irene

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling better...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments and support.  I'm feeling better this morning, I'm still worried but I'm positive that everything will get treated and I will be okay.  I need to stop thinking that I'm doing to die and that plenty of people have gone through the same thing I'm dealing with. ::breathe:::

My husband knew what kind of day I had and he came home with flowers in hand.  How did I find the sweetest man ever?

I missed my workout last night and I now realize that I really hate dislike missing my workouts.  I don't feel as good today, that could be due to eating too much dessert last night.  I am such an emotional eater.  My best friend and I always joke about pouring soap over our snacks in the house, weird I know.

Did anyone watch the Kate interview last night?  Part of me felt really bad for her, especially when she said she wanted the old John back.

Breakfast was an A+!  Today I tried Chobani Non-Fat Vanilla.  Dare I say it tasted like soft serve?  This is my favorite so far.

Snack time was sweet, crisp, yummy honey crisp apple.

The apple didn't hold me over long, I ate 1/2 of my AMAZING Super Food Bar!

Lunch was interesting.  I grabbed the wrong tupperware this morning, so when I went to make my pasta I realized it was my sweet potatoes from last night.  Anyway, I ended up eating the other half of my food bar.

Tonight my friend and I went on a long walk with the dogs followed by Pho.  Sorry no pics but I forgot my phone.  I'm SO tired from sitting in the hot tub too long. ♥♥Irene

Monday, November 2, 2009

Want to hide today...

Today is going to be a busy, busy Monday.  Payday around here is always hectic for me, makes my day go by quicker. 
I'm not having the best of days, I cut my face with my claw finger nail on Saturday and it's not healing well.  I have a deep cut between my eyes, where your glasses would sit.  It's making me super self conscious and I want to hide in my bed.  Not to mention my face is dry from the weather and my Retin-A medication.  I'm a hot mess to say the least.
I'm going to start with my dessert from last night.
This combo was pure heaven.  I did run back to the fridge for an extra piece of dark chocolate.  This is some of the best dark chocolate I've ever tried.  Have you tried Hermits?  They are made my Newman's Own Organic, and to die for.

I can hardly contain my excitement that my hubby and I will be in Oregon this Friday for our ONE year anniversary!!!  I can already hear the ocean in my head.

Breakfast:  I was excited to try Chobani Greek Yogurt and it did not disappoint.  The consistency was perfect,  I think Fage is a little too think for my liking.  What made it even better was a packet of NuNaturals, just one little packet made it the perfect amount of sweet.

I was kidding about today being busy, jeez.  Snack was an apple eaten in record speed.

Lunch was late because I was doing a new employee orientation. 
Leftovers from last night with carrots ~ good but I ate too fast.

I got some bad news from the dr. today, my pap came back abornal AGAIN. ="( I couldn't help but cry, I'm worried. 

After the call from my Dr. I wasn't up for the gym, lame I know.  Derek and I did take a nice walk.

Dinner was a ham/cheese sandwich with sweet potato fries.

I'm off to relax.  Good night! ♥♥Irene

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Just say no to tequila

How was your Halloween?  I'm feeling like CRAP this morning.  I had zero self control last night.  I don't want to dwell on it forever, I just want to start fresh today.  I need to learn that tequila is not my friend and stick to wine.
We had a great time at my friend's house.  The real bummer was that my camera died 5 minutes after I got there so hopefully someone can e-mail me some group shots after everyone arrived.

I just drank a cup of coffee but it's not kicking in.

Workout: One hour on the elliptical, totally kicked my ass.

When I got home I gobbled up a bowl of cereal and my regular PB&J english muffin.

Since I had to run all over town I needed bought an energy drink.  These are SO good if you haven't tried them.  At only 100 calories they can become addicting.

I went to:
Pier One
Fred Meyer
Now I need to do laundry and RELAX!

Dinner: Baked ziti with ground turkey.  The bread was so good.  I snacked on some flax chips while making my grub.  I'm excited because I have plenty of leftovers for my lunch this week.

I'm off to snuggle with my husband and find myself a little dessert. ♥♥Irene

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pre-Halloween Fun

*Meant to post last night*
We made it to Friday!! When my alarm went off this morning I was basically in shock, my body is tired.
Well, I walked into my office this morning and saw a card waiting for me.
The controller of the company wrote the nicest note to me.  Not very often does HR get thanked for the work we do.  She also gave me a Starbucks card! ♥ So sweet, that really made my day.

Tonight we are going to our friend's house warming/Halloween party.  I'm going to be that person, and not dress up.  I'm just not feeling the spirit at the moment maybe I will snap out of it later.  I need to get them a gift eeEkk!  How rude would that be if he showed up with no gift?  I'm thinking a nice bottle of wine.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hair done, it's much overdue.  I don't know I let my roots get so bad, probably because I'm a cheap ass.

Breakfast: Fage with Go Lean ~ Want a bite? MMmm

Here is the first baby to visit, so looked SO so SO cute and she gives the best hugs.  I love her!

Snack time ~ can you believe this was one apple?  HUGE!

More babies ~ I want one....It's so hard to work today with all of these little one's visiting, that's alright I LOVE it. ♥

Lunch:  Nothing worse than going to make your lunch at 2PM to see that someone is using the microwave for 10 minutes.  What the hell do you cook in the microwave for 10 minutes? UGH  Anyway, I had to scarf down my other 1/2 Mojo Bar.  That helped me stay sane while waiting to heat up my chicken.
Sandwich was meh, soggy bread is never good.  My BBQ Popchips were the most exciting part on my plate, so yummy!
Now I' m full, hate that.

This is the husband's work.  The girls are butterflies and the boys are exterminators.

This is the beautiful Bella! ♥

Thursday, October 29, 2009

A monster inside me

Well, we made it to Thursday that means we have ONE more day until party time with lots of wine Friday!!  Can you hear the excitement in my voice?
Today will be my 4th working this week, but technically my 7th in a row, so needless to say I'm taking tomorrow off.
Today is supposed to be my leg day according to my handy dandy schedule but I think I did enough legs yesterday.  Seeing that I can barley walk, I don't think legs are possible tonight.  There is also Turbokick tonight, so that's another option.
So, tomorrow is "Halloween" in my office.  I have no idea if I'm going to dress up.  Part of me really wants to and the other part doesn't.  My sister-in-law had a pirate party last month so I have my costume form that I could wear.  We are also going to a party tomorrow night that we are supposed to dress up for.  Hmm decisions, decisions.

Breakfast: TJ's Honey Greek Yogurt w/raspberries and Kashi Go Lean.  The perfect amount of sweetness this time.
I've been pounding Vitamin C because everyone in my office is sick!   Stay FAR away from me please!

Snack was Amazing Grass Kitz Supergood Chocolate.  I have one word for this...YUM!  This tasted like I was drinking chocolate milk, maybe because I'm a kid at heart?
One 6 gram serving has the antioxidant equivalent of 3 servings of fruits and vegetables*

Little background:
Only 1 gram of sugar per serving
Supports cognitive and physical growth
Whole food source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals
Excellent source of Beta Carotene, Thiamin (B-1), Vitamin K
Good source of Vitamin C, Iron, Rioboflavin (B-2), Folic Acid
Supports a strong immune system
All natural – no artificial colors, flavors, fillers or other unnecessary stuff
Non dairy, Gluten free, Decaffeinated, Non-GMO, Vegan
Certified Organic

Lunch was divine.  I practically flew to the break room I was so hungry, move out of the way or someone might get hurt.
I had a buffet of food today that included carrots, an apple, a Morning Star black burger and Popchips.  If you haven't tried Popchips then run, not walk, to the closest store that carries them.  I felt guilty eating these because they tasted like Lays sour cream and onion. MMmm all those chips for 100 measly calories.

I'm a monster today and can't get my mind off food. I'm going to burn this off at the gym.
1/2 a Mojo Dipped PB&J bar. This tasted, dare I say it, better than a PB&J sandwich. Who doesn't live a good old fashioned PB&J? It's taking all my willpower not to eat the other half.

This was my husband last year on Halloween.  Isn't he sexy?  Don't ask me what exactly he was, I think he was going for a Seattle rocker dude.

And this is how my husband looks normally...much better. ♥

Workout:  I did 45 minutes on the torture machine again followed by abs.  The only thing that kept me going was thinking about the hot tub after.

We went to Subway for dinner, I haven't been there in forever.  I ordered the foot long chicken breast and saved half for tomorrow.  On the way home we HAD to stop to buy an avocado. I forgot how much I like Subway.

It felt so good to unwind, soak in the hot tub and watch The Office.

Dessert was a repeat of last night ~ love Vitatops!

Good night. ♥♥Irene

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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