Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Day 3 - wohoo

Good morning! I did really well yesterday, I stuck to my plan besides a few (20 hehe) almonds I ate while making dinner. I was SO full after dinner for some reason, I feel like I didn't overeat so I don't know why. I will post the recipe later for the most yummy and healthy chicken pot pie. The best part about it is the leftovers. The scale read 147 and 147.2 so no change yet. I'm so bloated that when I looked in the mirror I thought I could be pregnant...ha! Derek works until 8 tonight so I'm on my own for dinner. I watched half the biggest loser and fell asleep...sad! I hope someone Tivoed it. Here is my plan for today...Happy Hump Day!
B- Dry Cereal/Coffee - 150
S- Banana - 100
L-Chicken Pot Pie - 350
S1- Trail Mix - 160 -I was straving after lunch so I had to add this
S2- Pear -100
*EDIT D- Steelcut Oatmeal, 1 waffle and 1 soy sausage - 300 - Damn I'm starving today! I'm trying to say in control when I really want to hit up Taco Time!
S- Pineapple and lite cool whip - 200 - SO yummy!
E- Tonight I'm going to make myself do 30 Day Shred. I did level 2 on Saturday and it felt amazing. I was so sore the next day. I think starting this weekend I can start walking Roxie again.

PS. I wanted wine last night soooo bad but I resisted. =) Come this weekend, I'm going to enjoy a nice glass!

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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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