Friday, January 30, 2009

Day 5

Wow, can't believe it's day 5 already. I woke up starving this morning and Roxie was in my face at 4:30am ready for a walk...grrr. I made it out for a run yesterday, I'm guessing it was close to 3 miles. I took my crazy dog with me which was a mistake. She hasn't gone on a long walk since last week because of her surgery and I'm pretty sure she forgot how to walk on a leash. It was a mess, she kept darting out in the road towards the end. Anyway, I thought I was going to die in the middle of the run but I kept on going. I weighed 146.4 or 146.6 this morning, I was hoping to see a lower number but oh well. Yay, I'm so happy it's FRIDAY! Although, I'm super bummed Derek has to work on Super Bowl Sunday! I want to go to the gym at least once this's right across the street so I have no excuses. Here is today....
*NOTE TO SELF~Do not go to Trader Joe's hungry...don't ask me why I bought chips and guacamole. =(
B- Dry Cereal/Coffee - 150 (I really need to add some excitement to my breakfast)
S- Apple - 100
L- Leftover Baked Ziti - 350
S- Almonds/Tiny Bit of Fiber One Cereal- 140
D-Corn and Black Been Enchiladas from TJ's-260 OMG So good!
S- Small Organic Banana- 80
S-Glass of Wine ~ Old Moon Zin!! 200
E- Walked Roxie about 2.5 Miles
Total Calories = around 1,300


  1. Hey, I just started reading your blog. Have you ever thought of mixing up your breakfast with something like oatmeal, grits, or cream of rice? It definitely holds you over for a LONG time and you can put all kinds of toppings on it. Plus, you'll be able to skip your mid morning snack.

  2. Paul has to do a Bridal Show on Super Bowl Sunday as well. It definitely sucks!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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