Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 34

I just finished an amazing workout...45 minutes on the elliptical and 500 calories gone. That felt so good woohoo. So I might be going to Vegas in April for my b-day. I can't believe that's I've never been. Anyway, I was at the bar last night and I mentioned Vegas to my friends. They were all in for a 3 day weekend.
I got to talk to my mommy for about an hour this morning, that was nice. I'm such a mamas girl, I talk to my mom everyday usually on the way to work.
Does anyone else feel guilty leaving their dog at home when you go to the gym? I don't know why but during the week I get home from work, let Rox out of her kennel and walk her for a bit. After that I feel guilty to leave her again. I'm weird!
Derek works until 6 tonight and I think we are going out with some friends.
Here is today~
B-1/4 cup of Kashi (I ran out) with a little milk - 140
B#2- Steel Cut Oats with a little syrup - 200
S- 1 Enrgry Bar + few dried cherries - 300
L- Thin Crust Pizza - 260
D- Pho + Few Bites of cookie (total guess 800)

Wedding Pictures

I was just looking at my wedding pictures and wanted to share some. This was honestly the best day of my life and when it was done and he hopped in the limo, it was the most amazing feeling in the world.

The Girls
The Boys

Our first look

My Boss and my co-worker

Friday, February 27, 2009

Vacation Recommendations?

Derek and I want to go on a mini-vaca around April. I'm thinking Mexico or any place tropical even Hawaii. Any good recs? It could be AI or a Cruise or anything. I'm so excited!! This will give me some inspiration to whip myself into shape!

Day 33

I'm not going to start over Monday, I'm going to start over today. Last night was another failure. What is wrong with me? My clothes feel tighter and that makes me sad. I will do something about it, enough about that.
Today is super busy at work, payroll today and payday Monday YAY!
I want to make it to the gym 2 times this weekend.
B- Coffee and Dry Cereal - 300
S- Apple - 0 ~ Apple was brown so 3 flax crackers - 140
L- Ziti - 300
D- Thin Crust Pizza - 400
S- Wafers + Few bites of Derek's shakes - 300

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 32

So, after church last night Derek and I decide to go to the store to pick up some wine. He wiped off his ashes (I was so mad) and I refused to wipe off mine. He thought I looked pretty silly but I figured most people would know it was Ash Wednesday. Anyway, I got some weird looks and right when we were about to check out Derek drops our $20 bottle of wine and it breaks into a million little pieces. Needless to say the attention was on us, totally embarrassing.
SO, I'm staying with this job...they made me an offer that I couldn't refuse. I can't regret my decision or play the what if game so that's the end of it.
Anyway, I'm feeling like a total fatty lately. I need to get my butt in gear, NO excuses. It doesn't help that is snowed last night. I need spring to be here!
B- Dry Oatmeal Cereal & Coffee (coconut creamer isn't bad) - 300
S - Apple - 100
L- Natural Chicken Burrito - 400
D- 4 Fish Sticks 1/2 Potato and Green Breans - 350
D- So much for late night snacking - Ice Cream and Wafers =(
E- Walked Roxie 45 minutes
For Lent I'm giving up pop and late night snacking!! (starting today, I'm a bad Catholic)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 31

Happy Ash Wednesday! I need to find out what time mass is tonight, I really don't want to miss it. My husband isn't Catholic so I'm wondering if I should drag him along with me. I really don't want to go alone. It seems like no one from Seattle is Catholic. Out of all my friends, I have one that is Catholic. This is my best friend and she happens to be from the East Coast.
Moving on, I really want to start working out again at the gym. I walk my dog a lot but I feel like that's not enough. I know I will feel MUCH better once I start. Maybe I can go tonight after church. I haven't decided what to give up for Lent. I'm thinking about candy and sweets because that's something I love.
Last night I did pretty well until I found my Valentine's chocolate and took comfort in eating half the box.
Today should be intresting, my boss wants to talk to me again. It's usually a big cry fest. =(
My plan for today~
B- Oatmeal & Coffee - 250
S- Gold Fish - 150
S- Apple - 100
L- Sweet Potato/Veggie Burger - 280
D- Leftover Ziti & Bread w/ wine ~ gosh I'm a drunk

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 30

I woke up this morning and could hear the rain coming down, I definitely live in Seattle. I'm looking forward to leaving work @ 4 and relaxing with my hubby. I was washing my face this morning and all of a sudden my nose started bleeding like crazy! I don't remember the last time that happened, I'm guessing it's from stress and emotions.
I came into work this morning and my books I let my boss borrow a year ago were sitting on my desk. That made me sad for a minute, not sure exactly why.
Here is my plan for today~
B- Dry Quaker & Coffee - 300
S- Apple
L- Chili - 400
D- Baked Ziti/Bread and Wine...yes I'm a wine-O
E- Hubs and I walked Roxie

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 29

I'm going to make this short and sweet and update later. I'm so nervous today it's crazy! I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen during our meeting when I announce I will be leaving. I need to just stop talking about it, I'm sure it's getting annoying lol. I have a Dr. appointment
after work that I'm not looking forward to, it's that time of the year (annual TMI).
Update~ Today has been an emotional roller coaster. The fat Irene wants to run to the store and get as much candy/cookies and sweets to make it better but that is a BAD idea.
I told my boss and we both sat there crying for what seemed like hours but probably 30 minutes. It was a very very sad day. I don't know if I can handle two weeks of this sadness.
B- Coffee & Dry Quaker Cereal - 300
S - Apple - 100
L- Sweet Potato & 1/2 Turkey Sandwich - 300
D- Pasta/Sauce + Little Chili = FULL =(

Sunday, February 22, 2009

My Sunday

Today was nice. I FINALLY developed my disposal cameras from the wedding at Costco. It's going to be fun to look at all of the pictures. Also, I got a new celly from Verizon, The Voyager 2!! The hubby got a new phone from T-Mobile called the G1.
Soon after I proceeded to Macy's to buy Jessica Simpson's perfume...Mmm!!
I just finished eating dinner and it really hit the spot! Turkey Chili with cornbread and too much wine. I really needed comfort food to prepare me for tomorrow. I should stop now cause I'm totally buzzed. Wish me well for putting my notice in bright and early!

Day 28

Last night was terrible, I will try and make today a better day. =( We had so much fun at the dog park and going to the hockey game. I wish I took pictures. I can't believe Roxie let me sleep in until almost 11am!
I have no idea what I'm doing today. I've constantly been stressing/dreaming about this new job and leaving my currently situation. So, I called in sick last week (which I never do) to go to my 3rd interview. Now the place wants me to come in tomorrow to check it out and get a feel for the job. This means I would have to call in again tomorrow and give my notice Tuesday. This is going to be so obvious to my boss and I feel terrible. ANY ADVICE pretty please?
I really want to get a new celly so I might do that today. Otherwise I'm just sitting at my computer in my jammies drinking coffee. Have a fabulous Sunday!
B- Coffee 1/2 Waffle & Kashi + Milk
L- 1/2 Hot Dog + Sips of a Smoothie (Costco Trip) - Yuckie
D- Chili and Cornbread - YUM!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Our Baby

Something to look forward to....Yes that picture is my husband on Halloween....
Give it a shot, it's fun!

Day 27

147.4 this morning, this seems to be a common number that my body wants to stick to. I had a weird dinner last that that consisted of flax chips and guac, 1.5 slices of pizza and too much ice cream. My goal for real starting today is to stop eating ice cream. I need to stick to a snack that I can have some portion control with. FYI the Samoa ice cream isn't that great, definitely not as good as I was thinking. So why am I eating so much of it?
I think this last week has been an emotional roller coaster for me. I had to call in sick to attend the the 3rd interview at the place I will soon be working. Then they waited a few days to call back. While I was waiting I stuffed my face with candy, gold fish and anything I could get my fat hands around. When I have something on my mind, I usually resort to food to fill the bind. I would like to say next week will be better but I doubt it. I have to put my 2 weeks notice in an I can imagine that won't go well. My boss and I have become so close that I'm sure she will ask who, what, when, where, WHYYY are you leaving us. She might try to get me to say. My mind has already been made up. If I made the wrong decision life will still go on. On a positive note, this job seems GREAT! The commute will be longer but the position itself is better and the people seem awesome. During my 3rd interview the team I will be working with went around the room and told me their favorite food and holiday ect. We go into a huge convo about food. They just seem like such a close office and awesome people all around.
Today should be a nice day. I need to get my mind off the job. We are supposed to go to the zoo and the dog park this afternoon. I'm not sure what we are doing this evening. We might go to the hockey game if we can get tickets.
I need to get a new cell phone and in the next 2 weeks I need to basically get a whole new wardrobe. This new job requires me to dress in nice business attire every day.
HELP~ Should I buy new clothes in the size I am now or smaller or bigger? I have no idea?
Eating Plan~
B-Steelcut or Cereal & Coffee
More to come.....
L- Chips and Guac and Chicken Pot Pie
D- Margarita, Turkey Sandwich, Few Fries
S- 1/2 Red Rope, little popcorn and a biscotti
PS. Here is my pale ass trying to look cute on V-day~

And the reason I was up at 7:30 this morning~

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Job

This last week has been so crazy. Well, I got the call today and I got the job I've been trying to get!! Yay!! =D I'm so sad to leave my current job because I love most everyone I work with and I'm comfortable but it's time for something new. My boss and I are very close (so close we hug each other at least twice a day) and it's going to break my heart to put my notice in.

Day 26

Yay it's Friday and Derek actually has the entire weekend off!!
I feel like I keep sabotaging my diet every night, not good at all. I had some ice cream last night and that wasn't good enough so I got into my chocolates. Grrr... I need to get back on track somehow. I'm a total closest nighttime eater, it's not normal. I do 100% all day and decide to stuff my face when I'm alone in bed. I'm hoping I won't blow this weekend, that sometimes happens when Derek is off.
Today is the owners birthday and I bought him a huge vanilla layer cake with raspberry filling. I will be passing on this. I love cake but this one isn't worth the calories. If it was red velvet I would be all over it.
I want to do something fun this weekend. We are supposed to go to the dog park tomorrow with my bff.

Here is today...
B- Dry Quaker Cereal & Coffee - 300
Note to self: Never but this cereal again, too high in calories.
S- Clementines + Carrots - 150
L- Chicken Pot Pie - 400
S- I have 25 Calorie Hot Chocolate if I need it.
D- ??

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 25

I'm feeling pretty refreshed today. I took yesterday off and went to bed at 7:30pm! I can't believe I got that much sleep. I didn't weigh in this morning cause of the sodium in Pho. I bought Samoa Slow Churned ice cream yesterday and didn't eat any cause I was so tired, that one needs to go in the record books. If there is ice cream to be eaten I eat it no matter how full I am I get the job done.
Today is going to be a huge catch up game at work. I got my keyboard back from IT (I spilt water all over it) and now whenever I type C the letter Z shows up. It's driving me nuts.
B- Dry Quaker Cereal & Coffee - 300
S- 3 Clementines - 75
L- TJ's Black Bean Enchiladas + Few Gold Fish - 300
S- Granola Bar + 25 Cal. Hot Chocolate- 165
D- Chicken Pot Pie - 400
Dessert- Ice Cream- 140 per seving so hopefully around 250

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 24

Good morning! Wow, it's hump day already. Derek brought me home two boxes of chocolate late night, why oh why would he do that. I had a few *5* pieces and I think I need to hide the rest. Derek and I took Roxie on a nice long walk last night. It's going to be another beautiful day in Seattle so we will probably do the same tonight. I have a lot going on today so more to come later.
B- Kashi w/ Milk & Coffee
L- I've been snacking all day
D- Pho tonight YAY!
E- We just got back from the dog park and a little walk

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Must Eat Cookie

The owner of the company I work for is trying to ruin my diet. We won most unique benefits from and he brought in a ton of giant sugar cookies. I have one sitting on my desk just begging to be eaten. I passed on the other yummies in the break room this morning. Should I go for it or what??

Day 23

147 this morning, down one pound. I had a little incident with Nerds last night.
I took Roxie on an hour long walk after work, that was a major stress reliever. That puppy is going to drive me insane, she still didn't sleep well with a long walk and peed on the floor in the middle of the night.
Another busy day at work today. I'm hoping to make it to kickboxing tonight. I really don't know how I worked out 6-7 days a week before the wedding. I know part of it was living with my bff/maid of honor and we really motivated each other.
Here is my plan today with no candy binge tonight...
B- Quaker Oatmeal Cereal & Coffee - 300
S- 3 Clementines - 70
L- Chicken Pot Pie Leftovers - 350
D- Margarita Pizza and Broccoli - 550
S- Smores - 140
E- Kickboxing

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 22

It's Monday and I'm working, blah! I think everyone else in the world has today off. My sister has the whole week off, I'm so jealous of teachers. Although, teachers deserve time off cause of all the crap they have to deal with.
So I sucked it up and stepped on the scale morning....148!!! OMG what a disappointment =(
It could have been worse after all the crap I consumed V-day. Was it worth it? Sorta, I just wish I picked one treat instead of five. I am so determined this week, I'm really hoping some of the weight gain is water. This means I'm the highest weight since I started this blog. Can I have a pity party? haha I will shut up now.
Here are some goals this week~
*Workout at least 4 days
*Keep nightly snacking to around 100 calories
*Drink lots of water
*Try not to obsess over the numbers
Here is today...
B- Quaker Oatmeal & Coffee - 210
S- 2 Clementines - 46
L- Sweet Potato & Veggie Burger - 250
S- Apples & 1/2 cup Cereal - 190
D- Chicken Pot Pie - 500
S- 2 Mini Smores Granola Bars - 140
E- Some Kind of Video ~ Shred?
Happy President's Day

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Day 21

Good morning! It's a sunny Sunday morning in Seattle. I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I got to visit my friend Tayla and her beautiful daughter yesterday, it was amazing. Everything was going well until I almost passed out. It was a combination of the ICU being 80 degrees and all the sick babies making me so sad. Anyway, I felt terrible and all the attention was me cause I had to sit down. Here is baby Amanda.
To sum up last night it was a disaster. A huge binge fest. The yummiest part of all was chocolate covered strawberries and snickerdoodles I will stop now. I wouldn't be surprised if I gained 5 pounds. Oh I left out the giant strawberry margarita. I promise to do better on Monday, I needed a little break.
I'm not sure of the food plan for today to be honest. I'm just drinking a few cups of coffee as of right now. Food doesn't really sound appealing this morning. I need to go shopping later for healthy food to get me through next week. More to come later about food....
B-Kashi & Milk + Coffee - 300
L- Dried Cherries and samples @ Costco
I had a sample of Hoodia and totally lost my appetite but I'm going to force myself to eat dinner.
D- Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup - 500
Here is a picture from last week at Derek's Grandmas 80th! She is so cute, the sweetest lady I've ever met. Sorry it's kind of dark.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 20 ~ V Day

Good morning! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm up early cause of my lovely dog. She has been jumping off my bed in the morning/night and peeing on the floor. It's becoming quite the problem. I am SO tired! I hope I can squeeze a nap in before tonight.
My BFF and I are going to see my friend Tayla at the hospital this morning. I hope her baby, Amanda, is alright. Tayla had an emergency c-section and Amanda came out not breathing. She still isn't breathing on her own and has a heart murmur, poor girl. =( I also miss Tayla being around the office cause she is the one person I would run to and vent vise versa . I still have my girls in accounting but they are at least 10 steps from my office lol.
I already mentioned I'm starting fresh with my diet on Monday, right? I know that's pretty lame but I'm in a funk right now.

B- Kashi Cereal/Milk & Coffee - 350
D- Going to Antony's (A steak house) - Let's see how much damange I can do in one night!

Here are my Valentine's
My handsome hubby playing baseball...
Cabo Baby!

My two fav doggies
Have fun tonight whatever you might be doing!

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 19

Yay, it's Friday and I couldn't be more happy. I'm going to call this last week an entire wash. I've been on a terrible eating streak. Last night was far from good, I wish you could lie to you girls. Guess what I'm doing to make up for it? I'm drinking a white chocolate mocha and about to have a piece of pound cake. ::::someone kick me in the butt::::: I just walked by the break room at my work and saw tons of Valentine's Day goodies. Good thing I'm not a fan of store bought cupcakes. Today will most likely be another super busy miserable day. There are a few people in my office getting on my last nerve.

B- Mocha & Pound Cake - 400 (non-fat 1/2 pumps mocha and tiny slice of the pound cake)
S- Apples- 90
L- Sweet Potato & Veggie Burger - 270
S- If needed (hope not) I brought some dry cereal - 200
D- Chicekn Parm and Veggies
E- Walk puppy for sure
Almost Valentine's Day!!! =D

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Day 18

Today is going to be one hell of a day at work, literally. I have to do payroll in one day when I typically have 4-5 days. Ahhh! Anyway, I took Roxie on a 40 minute walk last night. Derek worked until midnight so I fell asleep at 9pm and that felt great. I still managed to hit snooze a bunch and couldn't get out of bed this morning. So I weighed 147, that number just keeps going in the wrong direction. What can I do? I made some poor choices this last week so I just need to try harder.
I got a text from my friend at the office last night and she had her baby! I'm so excited, I can't wait to meet her! I might go to the hospital tonight, probably not the best place to go since I have baby fever. I might just take her baby and run home hehe. =)
B- Kashi Sunrise & Coffee - 200
S- Apple & Goldfish - 240
L- More Chili Yay! - 350 (no idea how many calories in this?)
S- Almonds - 160
D- Chicken breast and 1/2 Sweet Potato followed buy Pho - 700?
I want a dessert but I really doubt I need one =)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 17

Last night was just terrible. It involved red wine, ice cream and candy. I haven't been that full in as long as I can remember. When I was done eating I passed out in a food coma and woke up at midnight. Let's just not talk about it so I can move on haha. I realized that I'm a total emotional eater. I eat when I'm happy and I eat when I'm stressed or sad. I just love to eat. I'm so happy that today is a new day and I can start over.
I made chili last night and it turned out SO good, I must say. If you want the recipe visit Katie's blog I definitely ate a huge portion, I couldn't stop myself.
Anyway, busy day at work. Happy Hump Day!
B-Dry Quaker Oatmeal Cereal & Coffee - 250
S- Apple - 90
L- Sweet Potato & Veggie Burger - 300
S- Energy Bar - 130
D- Chili leftovers - 500

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our Photographer....

Our wedding made it into Craig's blog...

Day 16

I've been so tired lately, it's nice working a lot of over-time but it's taking a toll. I did 20 minutes of Jillian's Kickboxing DVD last night, I got sweaty but didn't have the energy to do more. I also realized that having a 1/2 cup of Slow Churned ice cream is just not possibly. I went back for more two times. I should go to Kickboxing tonight at the gym, I really REALLY should.
I realized today that I'm so bad. I still haven't ordered pictures from the wedding. I'm going to do this today.
Derek actually gets off work before me today, that never happens. It snowed here last night so I doubt we will be going on a walk.
Here is today...
B- Quaker Cereal & Coffee - 250
S- Pre-Sliced Apples & Gold Fish - 250
L- Kashi Chicken Pasta - 280
S - Energy Bar - 130
D- Snacked on grapes and Chili/Cornbread - 500
E-Taking your advice and taking tonight off yay!

Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 15

Day 15 and I weigh 146. What the hell? I've lost a measly pound in the last 2 weeks grrr. Well, I blame myself for screwing up last night. All was well until it was dessert time. I had 1.5 pieces of chocolate cake from the best bakery ever and a 1/2 doughnut from the famous Voodoo Doughnuts in Portland, OR. I'm guessing my calorie intake yesterday was close to 2,000. We had a great time celebrating Derek's grandmas 80th. Whenever Derek's family gets together they do it right and it's fun times.
I did workout yesterday and I'm pretty sore today.
Here is the plan today...
B- Dry Quaker Oatmeal Cereal & Coffee - 250
S - Pre-Sliced Apples - 90
L- Sweet and Sour Chicken Kashi Meal - 320
S- Energy Bar - 130
D- Steelcut Oats - (150) Soy Sasuage (80) Waffle (70) & Lite Syrup - 350
S- French Silk Ice Cream - 200
Long day at work! It's so nice to be home.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Letter "L"

The beautiful Amber tagged me with the letter L. Here is her blog I’m excited because I’ve never gotten tagged before! How it works is she assigned me a letter and I had to come up with ten things I love that start with the letter. If any of you would like to play, leave me a comment, and I will pass along the excitement and give you a letter. What are 10 things I love about the letter “L”?

Love ~ Because really no matter what else I have or want for if I have the love of my husband, my family, my friends and Roxie all is good.
Laughing ~ Something I’m known for! They say it's the best medicine, you know. I figure that's why I'm so healthy, because I spend so much time laughing at other people. I mean, with. WITH other people.
Lemon Wedges ~ Big lemon wedges in my water, squirted on my salad, or in my drinks.
Laziness ~ 'Nuff said.
Learning ~ I love to learn new things. I am a try and learn as I go type of person.
Letting Go ~ Learning the value of letting go of the little things has made me a happier person. I am far from perfect at this but I am working on it.
Lattes ~ I’m a coffee freak!
Long Island ~ Where ½ my family lives including my sister Katherine.
Lollypops ~ They keep my mouth busy when I need it.
Lip Gloss ~ Something a girl can’t live without.

Day 14

How is it Sunday already? Let's just say last night wasn't my best night. I need to fess up and hold myself accountable so here it goes...Red Robin - Boca Burger & Fries, at the game I had half a Red Rope and when I got home I had a Trader Joe cookie binge. The good news is that the cookies are now completely gone in my belly so I don't have to worry about them taunting me anymore. I would guess my binge was around 1,200 calories?? I have no idea that's just a shot in the dark. I could of done so much better, how disappointing. On a more positive note, I had a great time at the game!
I went to Costco yesterday afternoon and bought a bunch of yummy things. I bought grapes, cereal, apples, Amy's frozen meals, 10 pounds of chicken breast, healthy energy bars and the list goes on.
I weighed in at a whopping 145.6 this morning. Ugh! Oh well, what can I do? We're going to Derek's Grandmas B-day party tonight so more temptations. I talked to my Mother-in-Law last night and she's getting a cake from the best Italian bakery in Seattle. OMG what is a girl to do?

B- Coffee & Kashi Cereal/Milk - 300
L- Snacking on Apples, Grapes, Carrots, Almonds and an Energy Bar - 300
D- I know there will be 7 layer dip, beef tamales, Mexican rice and lots of cake. I'm going to try and eat before so I don't go overboard.
E- 35 minutes of cross trainer and 20 minutes walking pup
PS. Here are a few pictures from my honeymoon. It's so cold today that I wish I was back in Mexico!
This was after 4 hours ATVing in Cabo. My face was black from all the dirt but I wiped it off.
The blow hole in Ensenada
In San Diego before going to Mexico

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Random Stuff

As I mentioned before, I love Trader Joe's. Here is the pre-made pizza dough you can by for $1.00 with sauce and light cheese.

This is the casserole I made the other night...looks pretty yucky but I promise it was so good!

More randomness...Here is a picture of my nephew Hunter at his game last weekend. He is the one with his hands in the air. It was so fun to watch them, the are all so cute!

Last but definitely not least, my baby girl Roxie.

Day 13

Top of the morning! Why am I up so early? I'm sitting here drooling while watching the Food Network. They are having a Chocolate Covered Special all weekend and watching this could possibly kill my diet.
I went to Target last night on an empty stomach and bought the most random junk food. I bought some type of smores granola snacks that are seriously the size of my thumb, crackers and stuff I totally did not need.
Drum roll.....I was about 145 this morning. I'm not super happy about that number but I will take it and move on. My stomach hurts really bad this morning...pregnant? NO haha. I kind of wish in my own special way but no babies for awhile. I want to save a lot of money in hopes to be a SAHM. Blowing $100 at Target last night did not help the budget.
We might go to Vegas in April for my B-day! Well, we are thinking about it. It all depends on what happens with my job. My sister and her BF are going to Vegas for a week and Derek and I would go for maybe 3-4 days.
Today I really want to make a Costco trip. I might drag Derek along depending on how his back feels. Poor guy is in a lot of pain right now. Tonight we are going to the game! If I could screw up my diet it would be at the game. They have fresh doughnuts, chocolate covered everything, garlic fries, pizza, DRINKS and the list goes on.
B- Kashi w/Milk & Coffee - 300
L- Pizza on Wheat Bread/Random Samples @ Costco - 300
D- Going to Red Robin! =-O
E- 30 minutes on elliptical

Friday, February 6, 2009

Day 12

Happy Friday! I'm exhausted to say the least. I've worked so many hours this week that today is all overtime. We went downtown last night to watch our friend Jason play with his new band. He did pretty well but not the best that I've ever seen him play. I went to bed at 12am and woke up at 5:30am, I can't wait to catch up on some sleep this weekend. Our friends wanted us to go to Portland this weekend for a birthday bash kind of thing but we decided against it.
I'm excited cause I'm going to the hockey game tomorrow night with my bff and a few others.
Despite being exhausted I weighed 146 this morning AWESOME...not. =( How the hell did that happen? I could start the excuse game and say it's because of the sodium in my Pho last night. Eh, oh well we shall see what happens tomorrow.
B- Whole Grain Oatmeal/Coffee - 220
S1- Pear - 100
L- Leftover Casserole...again - 300
S2- Apple - 100
S3- Fiber 1 - 140
D- Griiled Cheese/Soup/Random Snacking -500
S- Maybe something small - 100?
Going to the game with this gal... ;) and of coarse my hubby is coming too! He's only played hockey for the last 25 years! (and no I wasn't a puck bunny haha)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 11

Yay, it's Thursday, one more day until FRIDAY! I looked at the clock this morning and thought I saw 5:50am so I jumped out of bed and started getting ready really fast....20 minutes later I hear my real alarm go off and realize I woke up at 4:50am, damn. Needless to say I arrived to work at the crack of dawn this morning. Oh well, can't wait for the sun to rise.
Last night was very annoying, Roxie kept me up most of the night. She has been so bad lately, maybe she needs more exercise.
Yesterday was Grandma Joanne's (Derek's Grandma) 80th Birthday!! She was sick so we are celebrating on Sunday. This lady is such a young, healthy and fit 80 year old. I only wish I could look as great as her when I turn 80. Anyway, I hope I can keep myself contained with all the cake and yummy food.
I decided I want to treat myself to a mocha sometime soon. I know I shouldn't reward myself with food but damnit I want one so bad. I'm going to splurge on Valentine's day too cause Derek is taking me some place yummy, he won't tell me where but I'm sure it's yummy and I hope they serve cheesecake. I know Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark Holiday" but it happens to be my favorite day of the year.
I weighed 144 this morning...despite having a few extra Trader Joe cookies last night. =-/ I decided those cookies are evil and I can't just eat 15 and I decide to holler at Derek from bed asking for a few more and he was happy to bring them to me, I'm a lazy butt.
B- Kashi Cereal/Coffee - 150
S1- Banana/Grapes - 150
S2- Fiber 1 - 140
L- Chicken/Brown Rice leftovers - 300 (Derek LOVED this recipe)
S3- Apple/Rasins+ M&M's - 260
D- Decided on Pho - yay!! around 500
S4- Popcorn - 100
E- I would love to workout at the gym tonight
Total = 1,600

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day 10

Good morning! I have the best husband in the world! He bought me the Wii Fit yesterday!! Yay, I'm so excited! I can't wait to start using it everyday!
Anyway, I have a confession to make, I snacked too much last night. I went over my snack allowance by maybe 300 calories but I still feel guilty. It started out pretty innocent with my Trader Joe's cookies but then Derek went to the store and bought pineapple and ice cream. I had pineapple and light cool whip and a few bites of his slow churned ice cream. I weighed 144.4 this morning, I wasn't expecting that number at all.
Here is the plan for today...
B- Coffee/Dry Kashi - 150
S- Pear/Grape Binge -200
L- Sweet Potato and Veggie Burger (boring lunches this week) -300
S- Fiber 1 - 140
D- Chicken/Brown Rice/Broccoli Casserole - 450
S- 100 Calorie something
E- Derek is off @ 5 today so I'm not sure yet...
Total = Around 1,400

Maybe 30 Day Shred is helping my arms? PS. I feel like a major dork taking a pic with my camera.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Day 9

Good morning! I'm at work super early this lovely Tuesday morning. The sun is rising outside my office window and it's pretty amazing! I'm hoping to leave by 5pm so I can make it to Kickboxing. I brought my gym clothes with me so I have no excuses. The scale is not budging once again this week, I was 144.5-145.5...damn scale. I ate dinner at 8:15pm last night so that could be why. Anyone else watch I Love Money 2? Here is my plan for today...

B- Dry Cereal/Coffee - 150
S- Apple - 100
L- Sweet Potato/Veggie Burger - 300
S- Pear - 100
Pre-Workout S- Fiber 1 -140
D- Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup - 500
S- Popcorn or Cookies - 130
E-Didn't make it to kickboxing =( I did walk Roxie 45 minutes
Total =1,420

PS. I had a crazy dream about cupcakes last night. Here are the cupcakes from my wedding. I would die for a red velet cupcake from Cupcake Royale mmmm...

Monday, February 2, 2009

Day 8

Good morning!! I will make this short and is payday so it's a super busy day for me. I split water all over my expensive keyboard on Friday so I'm stuck with tiny old one. =(
This morning I had a fight with my scale, it kept reading different numbers. I was between 144.5 and 145.5. Either way, I'm up in weight and expected that. I still lost about 2 pounds in the past week which I'll take any day. It felt really good to get back into the gym yesterday!! Here is my plan for today...
B- Dry Cereal/Coffee-150
S1- Apple - 100
L- Sweet Potato and Veggie Burger - 350 (does anyone know how many calories in a sweet potato?)
S2- Z Bar Chocolate Brownie - 120 ~ if needed (ate this already OMG so good!!!)
S3- Shoved 5-6 Crackers down my throat when I was stressing @ work -100
D- Leftover Pizza and Veggies - 350
S- Cinnamon School House Cookies from Trader Joe's - 130
E- Worked 11 hours today but still managed to walk Roxie 30 minutes
Calories = 1,300

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Day 7

It's Sunday! I have a love hate relationship with Sunday's. I love Sunday's because it's a day to relax/clean but hate them because it's back to the office tomorrow. The economy sucks right now and I worry a lot about my job, it could nonexistent soon if we shut down. All I can do is wait and pray. My sister is a teacher lives in New York. They are talking about laying off 13,000 NYC teachers. What the heck, Mayor Bloomberg is an ass! Anyway, enough with the depressing stuff.
Last night was great, we went to a local Ale House with some friends to watch the UFC fights. Man those were brutal; it was hard for me to even watch sometimes. I managed to drink water only. It helps that I hate beer, if it was wine that would be a whole other story. The hardest part about the night was being surrounded by fried food. I smelt the jalapeno poppers and wanted one sooo bad. I haven't had fried food in ages, I want to say at least a year. I had no idea we would be gone so long so by the time I got home I was STARVING. I ate pretty late which is never good. I was too tired to eat my dessert (which is unheard of typically, I live for dessert) so my calories yesterday were a little lower than 1,400. Anyway, I have a ton of cleaning to do today and I need to workout later this afternoon. I may possibly be the only loser working out during the Super Bowl. I was 143.8 this morning...I'm not going to get too excited yet. I've been weighing myself at 10am this weekend when I usually weigh at 5:30am. We will see what tomorrow brings me. Here is today...
B- Coffee~Fiber 1/Kashi Mix w/milk - 300
S- Almonds - 160
L- 2 Turkey Meatballs/Few Bite of Ziti/Guca and Flax Chips- 400 ~ Weird combo
D- Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza/Light Cheese on mine - 500
E-40 minutes of the elliptical and 20 minutes walking Rox-500 ~ I was wrong, the gym was packed and kicked my butt.
S-Kettle Korn- 100
Total = about 1,500
My beautiful sister and her boyfriend Felix. I'm so proud of Katherine; she just got her Masters girl!!

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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