Thursday, February 5, 2009

Day 11

Yay, it's Thursday, one more day until FRIDAY! I looked at the clock this morning and thought I saw 5:50am so I jumped out of bed and started getting ready really fast....20 minutes later I hear my real alarm go off and realize I woke up at 4:50am, damn. Needless to say I arrived to work at the crack of dawn this morning. Oh well, can't wait for the sun to rise.
Last night was very annoying, Roxie kept me up most of the night. She has been so bad lately, maybe she needs more exercise.
Yesterday was Grandma Joanne's (Derek's Grandma) 80th Birthday!! She was sick so we are celebrating on Sunday. This lady is such a young, healthy and fit 80 year old. I only wish I could look as great as her when I turn 80. Anyway, I hope I can keep myself contained with all the cake and yummy food.
I decided I want to treat myself to a mocha sometime soon. I know I shouldn't reward myself with food but damnit I want one so bad. I'm going to splurge on Valentine's day too cause Derek is taking me some place yummy, he won't tell me where but I'm sure it's yummy and I hope they serve cheesecake. I know Valentine's Day is a "Hallmark Holiday" but it happens to be my favorite day of the year.
I weighed 144 this morning...despite having a few extra Trader Joe cookies last night. =-/ I decided those cookies are evil and I can't just eat 15 and I decide to holler at Derek from bed asking for a few more and he was happy to bring them to me, I'm a lazy butt.
B- Kashi Cereal/Coffee - 150
S1- Banana/Grapes - 150
S2- Fiber 1 - 140
L- Chicken/Brown Rice leftovers - 300 (Derek LOVED this recipe)
S3- Apple/Rasins+ M&M's - 260
D- Decided on Pho - yay!! around 500
S4- Popcorn - 100
E- I would love to workout at the gym tonight
Total = 1,600


  1. That's all you ate yesterday? WOW--that's not a lot. Have you hit a plateau? Are you wanting to tone up and get sleek muscles? I don't know just asking :) BUT, if SO, my trainer always tells me to eat MORE. I know I can be bad about not getting enough calories, but I listen to her. LOL. Fo example: for a "snack" I'd eat a whole chicken breast, brown rice and a veggie, as well as for lunch. It's weird, because at first I was thinking..."MAN this is a TON of food" but after awhile you crave it and it keeps you full ALL day.

    Just my two cents for today! haha

  2. Yes, that was it for yesterday. So I should try eating more than 1,400 per day? Only problem is that I'm not working out a ton. I haven't hit a plateau yet. I want to incorporate more protein into my diet. Thank you for your suggestions, I do appreciate any advice. How many calories would you suggest? Every site I've looked up told me to eat between 1,200 and 1,500. Thanks hun!

  3. Ahhh cookies in bed! What could be better? PS I Loved my dinner last night too! Some nights a dinner like that is necessary! LOL


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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