Saturday, February 7, 2009

Day 13

Top of the morning! Why am I up so early? I'm sitting here drooling while watching the Food Network. They are having a Chocolate Covered Special all weekend and watching this could possibly kill my diet.
I went to Target last night on an empty stomach and bought the most random junk food. I bought some type of smores granola snacks that are seriously the size of my thumb, crackers and stuff I totally did not need.
Drum roll.....I was about 145 this morning. I'm not super happy about that number but I will take it and move on. My stomach hurts really bad this morning...pregnant? NO haha. I kind of wish in my own special way but no babies for awhile. I want to save a lot of money in hopes to be a SAHM. Blowing $100 at Target last night did not help the budget.
We might go to Vegas in April for my B-day! Well, we are thinking about it. It all depends on what happens with my job. My sister and her BF are going to Vegas for a week and Derek and I would go for maybe 3-4 days.
Today I really want to make a Costco trip. I might drag Derek along depending on how his back feels. Poor guy is in a lot of pain right now. Tonight we are going to the game! If I could screw up my diet it would be at the game. They have fresh doughnuts, chocolate covered everything, garlic fries, pizza, DRINKS and the list goes on.
B- Kashi w/Milk & Coffee - 300
L- Pizza on Wheat Bread/Random Samples @ Costco - 300
D- Going to Red Robin! =-O
E- 30 minutes on elliptical

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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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