Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 20 ~ V Day

Good morning! Happy Valentine's Day! I'm up early cause of my lovely dog. She has been jumping off my bed in the morning/night and peeing on the floor. It's becoming quite the problem. I am SO tired! I hope I can squeeze a nap in before tonight.
My BFF and I are going to see my friend Tayla at the hospital this morning. I hope her baby, Amanda, is alright. Tayla had an emergency c-section and Amanda came out not breathing. She still isn't breathing on her own and has a heart murmur, poor girl. =( I also miss Tayla being around the office cause she is the one person I would run to and vent vise versa . I still have my girls in accounting but they are at least 10 steps from my office lol.
I already mentioned I'm starting fresh with my diet on Monday, right? I know that's pretty lame but I'm in a funk right now.

B- Kashi Cereal/Milk & Coffee - 350
D- Going to Antony's (A steak house) - Let's see how much damange I can do in one night!

Here are my Valentine's
My handsome hubby playing baseball...
Cabo Baby!

My two fav doggies
Have fun tonight whatever you might be doing!


  1. Starting fresh sounds like a great idea, sometimes you need a new beginning to get motivated again. I hope your friend and her baby are ok. Have a wonderful v-day!!

  2. Happy vday to you too! Awwwww I hope your friends baby is ok!

  3. You look so good in that photo...I couldn't believe you would need to diet still! But I am the exact same way--I always say.."I've been so horrible, I'll start fresh Monday" and it seems to help :)

  4. What a gorgeous picture of you, so pretty!! Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Hey girly ~ today was fun glad we got to hang out. Have fun at your dinner...My Mom bought me lots of candy to torture me! :'(!

  6. Aaww thanks ladies!
    It seems like I've been dieting my whole life casue the moment I stop I gain fast.


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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