Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 25

I'm feeling pretty refreshed today. I took yesterday off and went to bed at 7:30pm! I can't believe I got that much sleep. I didn't weigh in this morning cause of the sodium in Pho. I bought Samoa Slow Churned ice cream yesterday and didn't eat any cause I was so tired, that one needs to go in the record books. If there is ice cream to be eaten I eat it no matter how full I am I get the job done.
Today is going to be a huge catch up game at work. I got my keyboard back from IT (I spilt water all over it) and now whenever I type C the letter Z shows up. It's driving me nuts.
B- Dry Quaker Cereal & Coffee - 300
S- 3 Clementines - 75
L- TJ's Black Bean Enchiladas + Few Gold Fish - 300
S- Granola Bar + 25 Cal. Hot Chocolate- 165
D- Chicken Pot Pie - 400
Dessert- Ice Cream- 140 per seving so hopefully around 250


  1. Samoa ice cream?? As in Girl Scout cookie flavored ice cream?? OMG--I need to find this!

  2. THANKS! I love my old glasses too. I am still getting used to these but I REALLY like them. So does hubby so that's a plus. OMG I want to try the samoa ice cream!!!!

  3. Yes lol Girl Scout ice cream! It's slow churned too so I can eat 2 cups and not feel as bad.

  4. Great work on not eating the ice cream...if I did that the ground would quake and hell would freeze over :)

  5. you bought samoa ice cream and dind't eat it?? you are officially my hero. lol

  6. I love love love ice cream. Look at your and your daily counts. I am jealous, I never do that, but should!

    Cute blog! I'll have to follow your progress!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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