Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Letter "L"

The beautiful Amber tagged me with the letter L. Here is her blog I’m excited because I’ve never gotten tagged before! How it works is she assigned me a letter and I had to come up with ten things I love that start with the letter. If any of you would like to play, leave me a comment, and I will pass along the excitement and give you a letter. What are 10 things I love about the letter “L”?

Love ~ Because really no matter what else I have or want for if I have the love of my husband, my family, my friends and Roxie all is good.
Laughing ~ Something I’m known for! They say it's the best medicine, you know. I figure that's why I'm so healthy, because I spend so much time laughing at other people. I mean, with. WITH other people.
Lemon Wedges ~ Big lemon wedges in my water, squirted on my salad, or in my drinks.
Laziness ~ 'Nuff said.
Learning ~ I love to learn new things. I am a try and learn as I go type of person.
Letting Go ~ Learning the value of letting go of the little things has made me a happier person. I am far from perfect at this but I am working on it.
Lattes ~ I’m a coffee freak!
Long Island ~ Where ½ my family lives including my sister Katherine.
Lollypops ~ They keep my mouth busy when I need it.
Lip Gloss ~ Something a girl can’t live without.


  1. You are too sweet! I'm not the beautiful one, you are :)

    Thanks for all your nice comments & compliments! I have to totally agree with you on all of those. I love me some lip gloss though :)

    And you are right...It's so hard watching a women lose their hair. I'm just thankful she is still alive. We about lost her in the midst of all the gastric bypass fiasco. We are very blessed she is still with us!

  2. Aaww thanks!
    Oh gosh, I had no idea that surgery is so risky. I'm glad she's ok. =)

  3. Awww fun... I should play that game! Really cute.
    Ok you know what's bad. I just walked in the door from the store buying M&M's! Why did I click on the link?? LOL

  4. You forgot to add Lunges...just kidding! Your wedding pics are so beautiful. I hope mine turn out half as good!

  5. I am such a lip gloss addict!

  6. I'll take a letter... Unless it's Q. If it's Q, count me out :)


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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