Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 2

Good morning! I'm happy because it's a cool rainy morning and I can smell my coffee brewing. I passed out early last night and got a good 10 hours of sleep. My workout last night totally kicked my ass and I'm really sore. I jumped on the scale last night and was so mad at myself, I gained weight. Well the official number this morning is 151 pounds! This means I've gained 5-7 pounds since I started this blog. I'm not going to beat myself up over this, I'm just going to make a change. Yesterday was a really good start to day one.
This morning I'm going to head over to the gym once I'm fully awake. I'm going to do some arms and cardio. I told my mom and dad I would visit so I'm going to do that this afternoon. Tonight we are going to our friend's party, I think he's turning 30 this year. Derek has known him for 10 years through the Seattle band scene (Derek used to be a promoter).
Here is my baby....


  1. I only work that late during tax season & its because we are so far behind. I usually don't get in till 9am either. I think these last few weeks I've worked 65-70 & I'm sure the next 2 weeks will be just as bad or worse. But then its wedding & vacation time! :)

  2. I've gained 8 lbs since starting my blog. It's crazy. I understand your pain though. I'm going to kick my butt into gear now!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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