Sunday, March 1, 2009

Day 35

Wow, I'm up so early on a Sunday morning. We got home around 3am from playing Bingo. No, I didn't win the $24,000 jackpot...maybe next time? Derek won $200 on the slots. I really hate gambling, it makes me sick to see everyone looking like zombies. Of coarse it's alright in moderation but it's just not my thing. We got to see my brother in law's kitchen remodel, I'm so jealous! He remodeled the whole thing basically by himself and it looks amazing.
I was 147.6 this morning, guess that's a little better than the 149 I saw the other day.
I have sooo much stuff I need and want to get done today. I want to go to Target, Costco, Trader Joe's and the grocery store. I think I can skip TJ's but I love that place.
I hope everyone has a fabulous Sunday. Back to the office tomorrow.
B- Coffee & Raisin Bran + Milk - 300
L- Apples - 90 Luna Bar - 180
S- Thin Pizza - 200 + Almonds 170
D- Chili/Cornbread - 500
S- Popcorn - 100
E- 20 minute run + 20 min. elliptical


  1. Ohhhh I have definately eaten WAY too much this weekend. I am prob 147 too haha and two inches shorter than you! LOL
    Eh yeah gambling isn't my thing either. I like the spend the money I could be LOSING on other stuff =)
    How was the gym yesterday?

  2. Went to TJs last night after you called me ~ place was a in a rat race to get through the frozen section.

  3. That's awesome! I am glad SOMEONE made it to the gym. Now I really feel like a bum! I don't think I could have handled it this weekend. Oh well back to the GRIND tomorrow! It's funny how addicting it becomes. The GOOD feeling you get after going and working your booty off outweighs the WANT to sit on the couch and do nothing =)

  4. Hey girl! Thanks! I'm back on track today! I got up and exercised first thing this morning. It felt pretty dang good :) Now, I just have to continue it tomorrow...and better my eating habbits!

    Speaking of kitchen remodels... I can't wait till we can remodel ours!! We have nasty wall paper...yuck :)

  5. I went the casino this weekend too and I feel the same way...small amounts its ok. But some of those people are just sad...

    Good luck this week!!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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