Sunday, March 22, 2009

Day 56

Good morning! This weekend really flew by, tomorrow is back to work.
Yesterday was cheat day to say the least and so was Friday. I work up bright and early and had to take Roxie to the vet because her stitches weren't healing properly. Soon after I met my best friend for the best breakfast ever. I had 2 eggs over medium, ham, hash browns, pancakes and some of my Derek's omelet. Wow, I felt like a major pig by the time I left. I didn't eat anything else until 7pm! Going out to breakfast used to be my favorite thing before I lost weight. This time it was different, I felt disgusting. So I doubt I will be going out to breakfast any time soon unless I can practice a little self control.
Last night we went to our friends house and had a little get together. My friend leaves tomorrow to go back to nursing school so we had to say bye. It was nice seeing friends that I hadn't seen in months. We stopped by the liquor store and got a bottle of Sky and mixed it with V8 fruit juice - yum! I brought crackers, cheese and salami. All night we munched on egg rolls, cheese filled pastries, breaded shrimp, chips and much more. I was SO full. I swear I just don't know when to stop. We started talking about weight and diet last night and it's funny how everyone had a totally different take on it. My friend Megan who is tiny went off about how she never counts calories and just eats what she wants when she's hungry. Most of my girlfriend's said they don't weigh themselves. I thought that was interesting.
I forgot to mention that I made snickerdoodles on Friday night and munched on those all weekend.
So I'm going to *try* and get back to my healthy ways today. I'm drinking coffee right now and I will keep you posted....

My baby girl is doing better...this was taken this morning

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  1. Hhey girl! Thanks for the comment. I've missed being on here. I hope your puppy is doing ok. Talk to you soon!


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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