Friday, March 27, 2009

Starting this over Day 1

I have 30 more days until my mini vacation with Derek so I think I'm going to start my count down over. I'm obviously not getting very far with what I've been doing and it's not fault but my own.
I'm so happy it's Friday! We are going to have crappy weather this weekend but I will try and make the best of it. I didn't work out last night so I'm hoping to workout tonight. The only issue I have with Friday night workouts is my baby Roxie has been home all day alone because Derek and I work the same shift on Friday. Well Derek works a second job on Friday nights so it's always just Roxie and I hanging out. Hmm maybe I can hang with her until 7ish and then run to the gym. Otherwise Derek works tomorrow so I plan on working out and visiting my mom and dad.
A little side note, I realize that last year I lost 25 pounds without counting calories. Maybe counting calories just isn't my thing. I also worked out like a mad lady..
B- Coffee + Breakfast Cookie - 250
S- Apple - 100
L- Sweet Potato + Edamamne + Veggie Burger- 420
S- Grapes - 100
D- Cereal + Milk - 350
S- Vitatop + Popcorn - 200
E- 25 on Elliptical + 30 Minutes on Tedmill - 500


  1. LOL I always feel bad leaving my "kids" alone after they are alone all day!

  2. I just got your comment, actually I was thinking about calling Lowes on Monday just to let them know I am still interested in the job. It's a seasonal job, so I won't be starting until April 11th, so I just figured that maybe they had a lot of applicants. Who knows? I'll keep you updated.

  3. I agree with you, counting calories drives me crazy. You could try not doing it for awhile and see how it goes :) I find that since I eat many of the same foods, I know the approx. calories anyways. Good luck!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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