Monday, April 13, 2009

Happy Monday

I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter. Last night I stuffed myself silly, not good at all. I actually thought I was going to be physically ill on the ride home. My chili and cake went over pretty well. OK so the carrots in my cake turned green WTF. I had no idea carrots could do that until I googled it. Anyway, my mother-in-law refused to eat the "green stuff" because she didn't know what it was. My feeling were a bit hurt because I busted my ass on that cake, oh well. I know she didn't go off about it to intentionally hurt my feelings.
I plan to get back on track this week for sure. It was sooo nice spending the entire weekend with Derek.
After work tonight we are going to our "new house" with Derek's friend to get the remodeling started. I hope his friend doesn't run when he sees it, he is supposed to be awesome with remodels. Some of his work made it into Sunset Magazine.
Super busy day today so I must run. More to come....


  1. HAPPY MONDAY! Ohh a remodel! How exciting!
    Awww sucks about the cake tho!

  2. Arg how frustrating!! You would think your mother-in-law would at least eat it to be polite!

  3. Awe sorry about your green carrots! I'm sure next time it will be perfect :) Good luck with the remodeling!!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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