Monday, April 6, 2009

Monday blahs

Good morning! It's so nice outside but I'm feeling a little bit down. Derek works until midnight all week so I really won't see him until this weekend. =(
On the bright side we had a wonderful Sunday together. I woke up and made banana pancakes and we sang the new Jack Johnson song all morning...forget the name but banana pancakes are in the lyrics. After breakfast we went to the dog park/Puget Sound. Roxie went swimming for the first time. Well sorta, she jumped in the water and a huge wave knocked her out so she had enough with that. It's so funny to watch her play with the other dogs she is a nut case. When we got home she passed out for hours, this never happens in our house but I could get used to it.
I made a batch of chili last night yum! We followed up dinner with some ice cream and a Vita Top for me. Blah, I ate wayyy to much. Our fav show Rock of Love was on, we are such dorks.
I also go some shopping in at Cotsco and the grocery store.
~My baby girl after her bath~
Sorry I look a lil shower yet haha

My eats for today~
Coffee - lots of it
Apple w/peanut butter ~ yum
Chili with veggie chips
Not sure about dinner ~ will update
My butt will be at the gym tonight!

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  1. AWWW Cute pic... I will be at the gym also! =)


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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