Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Rainy Day

Good morning! Where did the sun go? It's pouring this morning.
Moving on, I'm pretty sure I'm still full from last night. We went to Azul's, an upscale Mexican restaurant. It was sooooo good! The salsa was amazing and I ordered chicken tacos with all the good stuff. Since Derek loves me so much he bought cheesecake. Why would he do this? The good news is my pants still zip but feel a little snug this morning.
Derek has the day off but I NEED to workout. Snuggling on the couch sounds so much better but I should get back into it right away.
I'm getting excited for my 3 day weekend and out mini-vacation. I don't want to feel bloated on our trip so I need to be good the rest of the week.
Have a good day!
PS. Good news ~ my doctor called and my pap is good. I just need to be checked every 6 months, can't wait!


  1. Glad you had a happy birthday and enjoyed it! Your trip is going to be super fun!!!!
    MMMM Cheesecake! All I have to say about that!
    Hmmm how I do what? HAHA run in 86 degree temps INSIDE? I don't either... I really almost left.

  2. Cheesecake is my addiction! As a kid instead of birthday cakes my mom would get me a cheesecake and put candles in it :0)

  3. Oh... by the way congrats on the all clear on the pap!!!
    OMG people would be scared if I didn't "put my face on" and it does sound crazy or like an excuse not to work out because I don't want to do my hair again but DAMN its a process!

  4. This is gross BUT I only wash my hair every other day. I know I sweat my A$$ off when I workout but my hair gets way more damaged if I wash everyday. I use shampoo just on the roots and let it wash the rest as it rinses. I condition with a fortifying conditioner by Pantene. I have so much hair I don't use the pricey stuff on a regular basis.

  5. Ooh Mexican, my favorite! Glad to hear the pants zip up -- you will feel better after getting a workout in. Where are you going for your mini-vaca? Glad to hear everything is okay down there -- that would freak me out!

  6. LOL My hair is actually thick and course... I think that helps. When I don't wash everyday it doesn't get greasy!

  7. LOL... that's probably not good for it but it LOOKS GOOD =)

  8. That sounds like fun! Don't beat yourself up -- you're going on a vaca for goodness sakes so if you're not allowed to indulge then, then when can you? I mean, birthday and vaca all in the same week -- take that as a sign from God to indulge and enjoy yourself :-D

    I do know what you mean though about cycling between being good and well, bad. It's so frustrating to me. But what makes it frustrating is when I chose to be lazy or not hold myself accountable. Neither of those apply to you though!

  9. I will definately eat something before the cocktails but since I don't know whats for dinner I don't want to blow it early! LOL Mexican maybe? Or just something light... grilled cheese sounds good.

  10. A cheesecake every once in awhile is a good thing :)

    Just wanted to let you know that I changed blogs (you used to follow my Adventures of a Bride to Be blog).

  11. Mmm cheesecake is amazing!

    Glad to hear your pap came back ok!!!


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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