Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hump Day Already?

Wow, this week is going by surprisingly fast. Last night we went to our new house to map out the kitchen. I swear this new house is giving me way more stress than I ever thought it would.
After the house we took the crazy Roxie to the dog park and met up with my friend for dinner. We had teriyaki and it was sooo good. I ate the entire plate, which didn't seem like that much food (white chicken and brown rice). After dinner I can home and went on facebook forever, I think I'm a bit obsessed.
I'm STILL sore but I'm going to workout tonight. I would like to run Greenlake with my friend but it's such a pain to drive downtown on a week night.
Here is a picture from my brother-in-laws show the other week. He is in a heavy metal band....
Totally random picture that I meant to post awhile back.
DJ is in the front, follow by my sis-in-law, and my friends. I'm in the very back with my hand in the air..rock out.
OK I warn you, this next picture is TERRIBLE. This was from about 1.5 years ago. Can you see the difference? Don't mind my friend Jason in the front, he's totally drunk and normally doesn't look like that...

Oh, what good friends I them all.
I'm going to buy some sweet and low and take Reese's advice on adding that to my cottage cheese. I had a horrible experience with it yesterday and was totally gagging.
That's it for now...have a wonderful day!


  1. Cute pics!
    Cottage cheese is hard. I get the stuff that isn't RUNNY... just low fat. Knudson is a good brand.

  2. I usually go with low fat rather than fat free...its usually pretty close to the same calorie content, but tastes MUCH better. The consistency helps too. You might also try adding cinnamon and eating it with apple slices...that helps me A LOT!

  3. You said it... we have been literally waiting for Karma to bite her in the ass for a couple of years now. Finally... it's happening!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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