Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Made it to Hump Day

I made it to kickboxing last night!! There happened to be a sub but it was still an awesome workout. I was sweating buckets. I also looked like an idiot because she had a totally different routine than the other lady. Before class I did a brief arm workout and walked for 10 minutes.
Last night I weighed 151.8 I believe. I would love to see the 140's soon.
For dinner I had some chili followed by organic chocolate bunny crackers for dessert. That wasn't enough so I snuck back out to the freezer and grabbed a little Dove dark chocolate square, good stuff!
Derek works late again tonight so I will most likely take advantage of the gym again. Today will probably be 45-1 hour on the elliptical and some abs. The other night they ran out of towels and I had to use paper towels...yuck.
I'm so glad the week is half way over with...I'm SO ready for the weekend.

B- Oatmeal + Coffee
S- Apples
L- Organic Veggie Burger + Cheese Crackers
D- Cereal?


  1. Wow you are seriously making some progress!! That exact same thing happened to me the last time I went to the boxing class at our gym...but I walked out early the sub was THAT bad lol.

    Did you ever decide on what amount of calories you are going to stick to, or are you just trying to eat more mindfully?

  2. I'm always afraid of looking like an idiot. I fear the day I won't know what the heck I am doing!! haha


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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