Monday, May 18, 2009

New week

It's Monday and I'm glad it's a new week because I can start up with my healthy ways.
Yesterday was uncomfortably hot in Seattle, around 75-80 degrees. I know that's not even warm in some places, I don't know how those people do it.
We ended up lounging around all morning and finally got dressed and ready in the afternoon. We headed to the beach with Roxie. Soon after, we got a call from some friends wanting to meet up for lunch. I was STARVING at the point because it was 2pm and I hadn't eating all day...terrible I know. I have a chicken club and it was soooo good.
My friends boyfriend just purchased the PX90 dvds and he said he would burn them for me! I'm so excited about that.
After lunch I took Roixe on a 3 mile walk and worked up a nice sweat.
We had pizza for dinner and some slow churned ice cream for dessert. No more being bad for me!
Today I'm going to catch up on some super exciting things at work and then workout tonight. Derek works until 8pm so I'm not sure about dinner.


  1. glad to have you back! Don't worry I have been off and on and off and on the wagon these past couple of's to just climbing up and hanging onto it for dear life!

    I have always wanted to try those PX90 DVDs...let me know how you like them!

  2. Good luck with P90X --- it's a beast! I have the workout plans and logs where you track weight and reps in pdf format if you want them. My FI burned the dvd's for me a few months ago. I can email them if you want.

    I feel the same way about restarting my healthy ways on a Monday. It's like time to start over.

  3. Haha yeah I always work out at crazy times. I'm a night owl and I don't really like going out (like to bars and stuff) so sometimes on a Saturday night I just work out! God I need some hobbies ... :)

    P90X is awesome. It's a definite time committment though (60 to 90 minutes a day for 6 days a week). I blogged about doing it in Jan-March. I fell off the wagon though because I wasn't seeing results after phase 2 and got sick. So I started doing the Jillian thing. I would definitely recommend adding in cardio because even though it's a really intense workout, it's not focused on weight loss so while you'll be adding muscle mass (which is always okay) you won't trim down a whole lot unless you add in cardio.

    Once you get through the first week or so, you should be okay and have enough momentum to continue. I'm planning on restarting it after the wedding when things calm down since I want to do it right.


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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