Saturday, May 16, 2009

Terrible Blogger

I've been sooo bad at blogging...I'm sorry to all of my blogger friends. Work has been crazy this past week or so.
On the diet and exercise front, I've been doing alright. I could be doing much better but I haven't been terrible. Ha if that makes any sense.
Last night we went to the Mariner/Red Sux game. The Mariners won, yay! We got to the game an hour late because of traffic, that was no fun. On the drive down I shoved my face with honey mustard pretzels. I didn't even realize what I was doing until they were gone. Derek wanted a soda on the way to the game so he could mix it with some shots. Well, we stopped at Taco Bell and ended up being stuck in the drive thru for 25 minutes...all for a damn drink.
This weekend is supposed to be beautiful. I woke up at 8am because the sun was shining through all of the windows.
Plans for today...drinking coffee now, lots of it. I want to get some laundry done, exercise of some sort and BBQ at my bro-in-laws tonight.
Can't wait for the BBQ but I need to be good all day so I can splurge on some drinks and yumuy food.
How is everyone else? I hope all is well.


  1. YAY There you are! I missed your blog too! MMM honey mustard pretzels sound so goooooood!
    OMG you have no idea... what told about my whore of a stepmother was just the tip of the iceberg. She has been making my life hell for a few years now. And my dad just lets her... nice huh... BTW I was freakin LIVID about her calling my boss and acting like she didn't want her name mentioned. LIKE I AM STUPID. Ugh! sorry... a little of a rant there. Glad you are back!!!!

  2. Sounds like my love of CHIPS hahaha I eat many servings when I eat em!
    Luckily... I have let my boss in on a lot of the drama leading up to now just in conversation so I think she has an idea.

  3. I hpe work calms down for you! Mine has been insane the past few weeks too- I need a vacation!

  4. Glad you are back! I've missed the Seattle updates. Good job on the eating healthy this week. I'm a sucker for those honey mustard pretzels too. :)
    Glad you're back in the healthy blogging world!


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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