Thursday, June 18, 2009

Good Morning...

Where has the week gone? It's almost FRIDAY! Work has been pure madness. Life has been crazy too. It feels like our new house is slowly coming together. Who knew cabinets were so expensive?!
I've been doing really well with my diet this week. The gym, not so much. At least the diet is good.
After work tonight I'm getting my hair cut and colored. Tomorrow I need to go shopping at Costco. I'm so nervous because I'm putting on a charity BBQ for 150 people. The charity is Rise n' Shine. My company works really closely with this non-profit and they are some amazing people. Anyway, the BBQ is Saturday afternoon and I'm so excited. I just hope everything goes well. My awesome mom offered to help cook, she just happens to be a chef.
Nothing else super exciting to talk about in my life.
I got my hubby to start liking omlets for dinner. Every night this week we've had omlets. Mine are mostly egg whites with ham or soy sausage, jalapenos and whatever veggies I have on hand.
The best snack ever...are you ready...100 calorie kettle korn! Once it's done popping, poor it into a bowl and sprinkle with dark chocolate chips. Sorta messy but oh so yummy.
One more thing, I've been eating lots of veggies this week. I'm always good with my fruits but I needed more veggies in my life.
Have a good day!


    Trust me... I know how expensive cabinets are... especially at BIG CHAIN stores like Home Depot. My hubby builds cabinets for a living. Too bad you don't live closer =)
    Calories in fajitas... I am not sure I just go for the low carb factor since I am getting CARB OVERLOAD on the chips. Seems to work out! LOL

  2. i LOVE having breakfast for dinner too!

  3. You would think I would have a whole house full of really nice stuff. The truth is I have NOTHING that even matches! We have paint grade cabinets, a coffee table he build in high school his mom didn't want anymore and our NEW flatscreen is sitting no that coffee table I mentioned with our components on the FLOOR! Seriously! If you borrow him... request a couple things for me! LOL

  4. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! But pop for the HD cable or satillite as well. OMG Huge difference!

  5. Well we got a 52" for the living room from Best Buy... they matched Sam's Clubs price and had 0% interest for 2 years on their cc.
    We got a 32" for the bedroom recently from Sams Club.


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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