Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hump Day

Hey I made it to the middle of the week! I'm super duper sore this lovely morning. Kickboxing kicked my butt last night. I love that class.
I was alone last night and I didn't feel like cooking so I had cereal and one flax pancake with a little peanut butter.
Today is supposed to be close to 90 again, this is really messing with my sleep. So, I think I might take the night off or go on a walk later with the hubs.
After work I have to take my car in because the A/C isn't working. After my car accident in November my poor car has gone down the crapper. It sucks because it's brand new and some idiot hit me. I forget if I told that story yet? To sum it up I got hit less than one week before my wedding and my car was was almost totaled.
Anyway, I searched at two different stores this morning for Greek Yogurt with no luck, BOO. So I got plan fat free yogurt and fruit to mix in. I will be on a manhunt later for Greek Yogurt.
B- Yogurt/Fruit and a little granola
S- Banana/Grapes
L- Veggie Burger/Sweet Potato Fries/Carrots
D- Not sure, my hubby is off today so maybe we will grab takeout?


  1. That kickboxing sounds like an awesome workout! Sucks about your AC... and its getting hot up there too! Bummer! Hope you get it fixed soon!
    YES... I was so annoyed. Daisy isn't a little dog (and yes she is a bit feisty) and her german shepard was BIG also. I don't need a big dog fight first thing in the am... NO MEANS NO!

  2. It wasn't this morning but it does stand up at times. My dogs rock! =) I love labs!

  3. Oh... and sorry I didn't answer your question about the eggs. I use 3 whites and one whole egg. I need that one yolk! LOL
    thanks for the compliment on my shoes! They were cute... before the blood stains! =) HAHA

  4. Glad you LOVED kickboxing. As a kickboxing instructor it warms my heart to know you guys love it when it hurts so good :)

    Good luck on your manhunt!!

  5. The Light and Fit is ok... I have been wanting to try the greek stuff too. The L n F is really sweet.


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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