Monday, June 1, 2009

Monday already?

Where did the weekend go? I just realized that I didn't blog at all.
This weekend was surprisingly well on the health front, not counting my pizza binge on Friday. Saturday and Sunday were great. I went to the gym Saturday and my friend and I went on a walk Sunday. It's been super hot, for Seattle, this past week. I'm talking near 85 degrees. I was not prepared at all for this heat.
We spent Saturday night BBQing with friends and then hit up the casino. I lost around $40, could have been worse. Then my bro-in-law and his g/f got into a fight about having kids. He wants kids now and she wants to finish school. I know they are both close to 30 but who cares. No one should ever feel pressured to have kids. I think my bro-in-law was a compete douche to bring such a sensitive subject up in front of friends.
So, last night I bought some lunch stuff for this week including 0% Greek yogurt. Anyone try this stuff? I'm excited to try it this morning.
Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Awwww bummer on the baby brawl!
    I am so excited about the new baby in our family! I thought it would take the focus off me but it hasn't HAHA.
    Ugh I feel like a fat piece of POOP! I hate this. I Really wasn't half as bas as normal! I don't know whats happening. AND my stomach just growled at me so loud! haha

  2. Sounds like a good weekend (minus the baby stuff). I have had greek yogurt and I'm not a fan. It's really thick and a little sour. I definitely suggest adding something to it, maybe fruit or honey. Hope you like it and have a good Monday!

  3. I love Greek yogurt (although i wasn't a huge fan at first... kindof an aquired taste). The 0% can be a little bland, but I like mixing it with fruit or strawberry preserves. Or try the yogurt and peaches or yogurt and strawberries. It's a great snack!

  4. What brand did you get? I love Chobani 0% but I usually get vanilla. I know it has extra sugar in it but I can't tolerate it plain. Fage 0% is so - so (IMO). But when I get plain of either, I always add some berries and some agave nectar or a smidge of honey. Holy yum!

  5. Chobani is the bomb! I love it with blackberries and raspberries with some honey. Now that I eat that all the time I can't stand light & fit or any of those yogurts. They just taste like fake sugar to me now. Why didn't I eat this stuff sooner?? ;)

  6. mm that sounds good, I will have to try that sometime!

  7. I tried 0% Greek yogurt (Trader Joe's honey flavor) a few months ago and LOVED it! So creamy and amazing. But then I re-stocked my fridge with more and for some reason, wasn't interested anymore. Very strange haha.


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