Friday, June 19, 2009


Yay we made it to Friday. This week has been incredibly busy. I haven't made it to the gym but I've taken Roxie on a walk almost every night.
I did however find time to get my hair done last night lol. $300 later BOO but it looks good.
After my hair appointment my bff and I took the dogs on a walk. For dinner we went to a local Pho restaurant. It was SO good but I was hungry afterwards. The typical me would pour a huge bowl of cereal and stuff my face. Instead I made some 100 calorie popcorn with a little dark chocolate. I wanted so badly to raid the kitchen but I held back.
I'm getting excited and nervous for my charity BBQ tomorrow. My amazing husband is going to Costco with me tonight to buy all of the food. He is such a good sport. I'm trying not to think about it or I'm going to stress. I see a big glass of wine in my future.
I will take lots of pictures tomorrow. I ALWAYS forget my camera but I need to start taking more pictures.
On a side note, I haven't weighed myself in forever. I'm thinking that I shouldn't because my past with an eating disorder. Hmmm...something to think about.


  1. OMG I want some wine! Aww I didn't take a pic of the cake... but I will. It's very plain and chocolat-y LOL
    WOW where do you get your hair done? LOL I was pissed when I paid 180!

  2. Dang girl... must be food stuff. If used it I would be BROKE with all my hair! I have to use the cheap stuff. I pop for good products sometimes tho!

  3. I didn't know you had a past ED...seems like you are doing great with balancing out healthy eating but still enjoying life.

    I must admit I DID attack the pantry last night...ugh. Well what's done is done! Good job to you tho!

  4. Yes I like pantenes products. I use their curly hair line.
    I have wanted to try the Bumble & Bumble surf spray forEVER. Have you tried it?

  5. Do tell please... LOL Not that I need to spend the $ on them!

  6. Oh cool. I use a cheaper version of stuff like that. I know if I tried it tho I would NEVER go back! How long does it last? I have a ton of hair but I am chopping some off next Wed!

  7. Oh that doesn't seem too bad! I found it online for 20.00. I would be willing to pay that. LOL.


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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