Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Back at it

Oh my, I can't believe it's been almost 4 months since I last posted. I'm a huge failure...just kidding. Well, I'm proud to say I'm back at it. My husband and I are in our very 1st house and we've officially joined the local 24 Hour Fitness.

So, I went to weigh in this morning to see how truly fat I am and guess what...my scale is out of batteries. Could that be a saving grace?

Last night I went to the gym for the 1st time in forever. This place is so intimidating compared to my last gym, filled with meat heads ugh. I spent about 50 minutes on the elliptical and hauled home. Not too bad for my 1st workout. Tonight I'm going to try kickboxing.

Not to self: Do not make dinner at 8PM after a hard workout. By the time I was done cooking, around 9PM, I was no longer hungry. I still managed to eat a skinny cow. :)

B- Fruit Muesli Bar (Carman's brand)
S- Grapes
L- Veggie Burger ~ Carrots/Snap Peas ~ an Apple
D- Leftover Pulled Chicken w/Broccoli
S- Skinny Cow


  1. WOW... I wondered what happened to you! I would check your blog every once in awhile but no you!
    Glad to see you are back at it and congrats on the house!!!!!!

  2. Heyyyy welcome back!! Congrats on the house! I wondered where you went, so glad to see you are back :)

  3. I have come to the realization that I will ALWAYS have to work out! LOL once you start you can't stop!

  4. Thanks lady :) I'm hoping 26 will turn out MUCH better than 25 has so far. Too bad you don't live closer or we could be workout motivation buddies!!


    I'll be teaching Turbokick tonight and I'll be thinking about you at your kickboxing class! I hope you love it!!

  6. OH MY GOSH YES!!! It's my favorite class to teach! It's very high intensity and can be confusing at first, but you'll catch on really quickly. Especially if you have a great instructor! You can burn I believe up to 800 calories per workout. Sometimes more depending on how many 'turbos' you do.

    Oh let me know how you like it!!!!!

  7. GIRL where you been??? Welcome back :)

    I just quit 24-hour fitness. I actually really LOVED the gym but we are really trying to pinch every penny. Try as many classes as you can...their group fitness is amazing!

  8. Welcome back girlie!!! Congrats on the house! I am sure u look as fabulous as always!


My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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