Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning workout plan

I'm definitely feeling the burn this morning from my workout class. OUCH!
So, I think I want to try something new, Therese inspired me (http://healthyhotthousewife.blogspot.com/).  I'm going to try and workout in the morning one to two days per week!  The gym is exactly 10 minutes from my house so I know I can do this. 
Here's how it would go:
Night before: Pack gym bag with work clothes/makeup/shampoo (basically my whole life in a bag)
4:50AM- Roll out of bed, walk pup, change into clothes
5:10AM- Arrive at the gym & workout for 1 hour
6:10AM- Hit the showers and get ready
7:10AM-7:30AM- Leave gym and drive to work

I'm super excited because my sister and her boyfriend are coming to visit for Xmas/New Years!!  I haven't seen my sister in exactly one year and I can't wait!  I need to plan some fun things to do and show some New Yorker's what Seattle is all about.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination but I think my Lucky Jeans fit better today.  My next goal is to get my booty back in my cute 7 Jeans.

Breakfast was, you guessed it ~ Greek yogurt with raspberries and nola.  I really switched it up today and tried TJ's Honey Greek Yogurt, little higher in calories than Fage (130 in TJ's and 90 in Fage). 
OMG this tasted like dessert, I had a little accident with the stevia so it was pretty sweet.  I might stick to the plain because the sugar is a bit high, 17 G.

I had my lunch all packed then forgot most of it was home. So, I settled for another frozen meal.
This was a sick joke because the cheese did not melt on my Healthy Choice Panini. WTF? Is this even real food? Have you ever tried crackers and apples together? It's actually really yummy, I just discovered this today. The only thing I was missing was CHEESE!  So, I tossed my lunch in the trash (besides my apples and crackers) that was the sickest thing I've had in a long time.

After work I met my friend at the dog park for a little pup play time.  It's getting dark so early, sigh.  I snacked on some grapes on the way.

Workout: I almost talked myself into skipping the gym tonight but I didnt...I'm SO glad I didn't.  I rocked 45 minutes on the 100i aka the torture machine.  I burnt 500 calories, so the machine said.  I also did about 100 crunches.

Dinner was a 5 egg white (with one yolk) scramble.  I threw in some peppers, onions, ham and topped it with avocado & salsa.  Any suggestions on not having watery egg whites?  On the side I had my normal PB&J english muffin. ☺

Good night!  I might dig into a pumpkin cookie later. ♥♥Irene
PS. The Bigest Loser is SAD!


  1. MMM your omlet looks good! Sorry about the watery egg issue... I don't have a fix!
    MMM I like candy but if I were to have CANDY or CHIPS AND SALSA or CHEEZE ITS in front of me I would 100% go for the salty stuff!

  2. OMG I so cried watching the Biggest Loser last night.

    Anyway I have no idea why your egg whites are running. Were they that way when you cooked them? Maybe its the salsa?

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I too am a morning exerciser when I want to be. I actually really enjoy it after I get dressed and get going. It totally wakes you up and makes you feel good all day long.


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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