Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pre-Halloween Fun

*Meant to post last night*
We made it to Friday!! When my alarm went off this morning I was basically in shock, my body is tired.
Well, I walked into my office this morning and saw a card waiting for me.
The controller of the company wrote the nicest note to me.  Not very often does HR get thanked for the work we do.  She also gave me a Starbucks card! ♥ So sweet, that really made my day.

Tonight we are going to our friend's house warming/Halloween party.  I'm going to be that person, and not dress up.  I'm just not feeling the spirit at the moment maybe I will snap out of it later.  I need to get them a gift eeEkk!  How rude would that be if he showed up with no gift?  I'm thinking a nice bottle of wine.

Tomorrow morning I'm getting my hair done, it's much overdue.  I don't know I let my roots get so bad, probably because I'm a cheap ass.

Breakfast: Fage with Go Lean ~ Want a bite? MMmm

Here is the first baby to visit, so looked SO so SO cute and she gives the best hugs.  I love her!

Snack time ~ can you believe this was one apple?  HUGE!

More babies ~ I want one....It's so hard to work today with all of these little one's visiting, that's alright I LOVE it. ♥

Lunch:  Nothing worse than going to make your lunch at 2PM to see that someone is using the microwave for 10 minutes.  What the hell do you cook in the microwave for 10 minutes? UGH  Anyway, I had to scarf down my other 1/2 Mojo Bar.  That helped me stay sane while waiting to heat up my chicken.
Sandwich was meh, soggy bread is never good.  My BBQ Popchips were the most exciting part on my plate, so yummy!
Now I' m full, hate that.

This is the husband's work.  The girls are butterflies and the boys are exterminators.

This is the beautiful Bella! ♥

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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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