Saturday, October 24, 2009

Stepped on the scale

We decided to go watch the fights tonight! I'm excited to see some friends that I haven't seen in forever.
I left my house this morning to workout and I forgot to eat breakfast! Me forgetting to eat RARELY happens (when pigs fly). I realized when I was pulling into the gym.

Workout: I spent 30 minutes on different leg machines, 3 sets of 15 reps. I burnt 400 calories on the elliptical, I did intervals of level 5 and 10 for about 40 minutes.

When I got home I whipped up the quickest thing I could find. I hate when I let my body get that hungry. A big bowl of Total and a PB&J double fiber english muffin. Yum, it really hit the spot.

Right when I was done eating I starting cleaning like a maid. It feels good to have clean house though. I also started chili in the crockpot for dinner/leftovers. Look at me, I'm quite the house wife...hehe jk.

MY WEIGHT: EeeEEkkKK ~ I'm not happy about this at all, I'm quite sad matter of fact. The number was 160 on the gym scale. I would be thrilled to never see that number again. I'm 5'11 so the average weight for my height is 135-176. I have a medium frame so my ideal weight it 140-145. I was 140 exactly one year ago. It's true about newlywed weight.

I snapped a picture of my backyard after breakfast, it's definitely fall in Seattle.


  1. Hey girl! First of all, I have to tell you that I love your blog design. Is that really your kitchen? Secondly, thank you for your comment! I have to tell you that I lost the weight the complete opposite of healthy way. I actually took those phentermine pills for a month. I dropped from 150 to 132 in no time. I was eating, but it helped control my cravings for sweets. Plus the pills made me feel horrible, plus made me sleepy as all get out. I've thought of taking them again, just to get on track again, but I really hate the way they made me feel...and my hubby would kill me. You should read the BFL book. It's really interesting, I may try to start it, but we will see!

  2. I can only work out on an empty stomach if it's super early in the morning...

    Don't let the scale get to you. It only told you in more black and white terms what you already know--time to get back on track! I had the same realization about a month ago... I don't know if I would be the best resource for Body for Life (I haven't really been following it by the book) but their website has a ton of info (

    Also this girl ( has done a couple challenges with awesome results so check her out!


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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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