Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Feeling better...

Thank you everyone for your nice comments and support.  I'm feeling better this morning, I'm still worried but I'm positive that everything will get treated and I will be okay.  I need to stop thinking that I'm doing to die and that plenty of people have gone through the same thing I'm dealing with. ::breathe:::

My husband knew what kind of day I had and he came home with flowers in hand.  How did I find the sweetest man ever?

I missed my workout last night and I now realize that I really hate dislike missing my workouts.  I don't feel as good today, that could be due to eating too much dessert last night.  I am such an emotional eater.  My best friend and I always joke about pouring soap over our snacks in the house, weird I know.

Did anyone watch the Kate interview last night?  Part of me felt really bad for her, especially when she said she wanted the old John back.

Breakfast was an A+!  Today I tried Chobani Non-Fat Vanilla.  Dare I say it tasted like soft serve?  This is my favorite so far.

Snack time was sweet, crisp, yummy honey crisp apple.

The apple didn't hold me over long, I ate 1/2 of my AMAZING Super Food Bar!

Lunch was interesting.  I grabbed the wrong tupperware this morning, so when I went to make my pasta I realized it was my sweet potatoes from last night.  Anyway, I ended up eating the other half of my food bar.

Tonight my friend and I went on a long walk with the dogs followed by Pho.  Sorry no pics but I forgot my phone.  I'm SO tired from sitting in the hot tub too long. ♥♥Irene

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My Husband ♥ My Best Friend

My Husband ♥ My Best Friend


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