Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Portion Control

Today is my Thursday and I'm pretty stoked about it! I got to work bright and early to get some things done before I leave town.

I'm not feeling my best today, I REALLY need to get into the gym, and hard.

Breakfast guessed it, Greek yogurt. Today I tried blueberry, definitely higher in calories (140 for the non-fat yogurt) then I would like. This wasn't my favorite, it tasted a tad artificial but still edible.

Man, waking up early is really catching up to me.  ZzzzZZ
So, for the first time ever we are boarding Roxie on Friday.  Derek is taking her to the vet to make sure we are all up to date on her shots.  I'm feeling like a nervous mother right now.

Until today I was an almond butter virign, and boy I didn't know what I was missing out on. 
Justin's Maple Almond Butter was nothing short of amazing!  I love the little pack because it's perfect portion control.  It was so good that I liked the pack clean.

When I went to take a picture of my lunch I realized I was eating for 2, maybe 3.  I need to watch my portions.  So I ate my carrots first then I ate until was satisfied.  So, I ended up throwing some away, there was no way I needed that much pasta.

Workout: My friend and I tried 24 Lift for the 2nd, and the last time.  I don't feel like it's a good workout at all.  When we were done I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes.

Dinner was chicken fajitas with Kashi rice ~ yum!  I really didn't need two, I need to remember portion control.  Have you tried Miguel's Organic Salsa? TO DIE FOR!  Full review soon.

I'm SO tired ~ jeez if I had a penny for every time I said that.  Too much hot tubbing this week. 

Dessert was a Vitatop with a little ice cream.

Okay, I'm running to my bed!  ♥♥Irene

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  1. I have had to board my little Roxy girl too. It was hard but she was well taken care of!
    I HATE portion control. My eyes are WAY bigger than my portion. A lot of the time I don't feel satisfied. I hate that. =(


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